ABCO tanks are renowned for their rapid installation and sturdy build. They are constructed from joined metal sheets of either the dimensions 1200x2880mm or 915x2880mm.

Each tank is specified in terms of number of sheets (circumference) and number of rings (height) as well as sheet type. This allows ABCO tank capacities to be amazingly versatile and modifiable to client and site requirements. Typical capacities range from 50m3 to 900m3 however other sizes can be manufactured on demand.

Each tank is open at the bottom and fitted with a heavy duty Elvaloy tank liner. One tank sheet is fitted with a water-tight manhole for access inside the tank. Tank roofing, top-access manholes and access ladders are all available upon request. ABCO recommends that tanks should be selected to hold a minimal capacity of 2 days worth of average camp use or produce.

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