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Abco Water Systems are industry leaders in the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of all water and wastewater related products required for all industries.

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We at Abco offer the highest level of expertise, professional service and customer satisfaction
We are here to assist with your enquiries, understand what you want, make suggestions and to provide the best possible solution at a very competitive pricing .

Abco Water Systems have been involved with water and wastewater treatment since 1971. We keep abreast with all current system technologies and improvements and have selected the most suitable to provide to our customers to suit their needs for the future.

We not only manufacture in our Kelmscott factory but provide world class systems and equipment that we source world-wide and import into Australia.


We have over 80 years of combined experience in waste water treatment and comprehensive practical experience.


We have over 70 years of combined experience in the water treatment field and comprehensive practical experience.


As the Australian Department of Health places increasingly higher requirements on the quality and proper disposal of waste water.

RECENT Project

Swagman Roadhouse, Mt Magnet, WA

Due to increased numbers of people now currently using the facilities at the roadhouse the existing trickle filter waste water treatment plant that ABCO installed in 1999 was unable to meet the demand, we at ABCO have always put the clients requirements ahead of all else and in this instance a cost effective solution was available in the form of one of our rental fleet treatment plants, we were able to offer this to the client saving them financially but in time as this plant was ready for transport the next day. With the installation of the new plant it will allow for future expansion of the roadhouse.